Vampire AU || Miles and Nora


Miles kissed her for much longer than he should’ve. He could survive without air for ever; Nora, not so much. “Would it be too arrogant if I said I’ve had a lot of practice?” he smirked. Hundreds of years practice, in fact.

Nora grinned.  “It’s only arrogant if it’s not true,” she murmured.  She burrowed her head into his chest.  She needed to keep her head.  Keep things straight.  Nora was this close to inviting him back to her house and this was only the first dance.  Something was going on here.

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Miles half-smiled. “Sorry. Here I am panicking when you’re the pregnant one. You’re right, we’ll be amazing.” he walked over and embraced Nora, but still doubted himself. Given his history, who was he to be teaching morals and life skills to others?

Nora kissed him.  “I know you’re scared because of your past.  But everyone has a past, Miles.  And yes, we’re going to have to tell our kids about our pasts one day.  Doesn’t mean we’re not going to be amazing parents anyway.  Jut have to keep them from making our mistakes.”

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Vampire AU || Miles and Nora



"You too huh?" She smiled.  She ran her hands up his arms and cupped the back of his neck.  "I know what could make it even better."  There was something about those eyes on hers.  Something hypnotic.  Nora needed more of that.  Needed to know if his kiss was anything like she imagined it to be.


Miles knew he had her hook, line and sinker. He licked his lips slowly, dragging the torture out, before leaning forward and capturing Nora’s lips with his own, stepping forward to press his body right against hers.

Nora moaned into his mouth.  She wasn’t usually this forward with men she just met but hell, he could kiss.  And kiss and kiss.  Nora drew away panting from lack of air.  “Jesus you are good at that.”

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Nora bit her lip.  “Boy,” she decided.  “With your eyes.  And your smiled.  And my ability to stay out of trouble.”  A boy to start.  And more to come with any luck.


Miles grinned, he could already imagine their kid running around causing chaos- he stopped, dead still. A kid- their kid. A fragile human life he would be responsible for keeping safe. The blood rushed out of his head as he realised this. He was the worst possible example of how to be a father. He turned around “Nora, I-” he ran a hand over his face. “I’m not- I’m gonna screw this up.”

"Sit down and breathe," Nora suggested.  "You are not goign to screw this up, okay?  You and I are goign to be great parents.  We’re going to do amazing things together, okay?  Just relax."

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Dying rp Starters
  • "Stay with me. Come on, just a little longer."
  • "You're gonna be fine, okay? You... You'll be fine."
  • "No. Oh, no. No no no. This can't happen. No. You can't die."
  • "Shush, just concentrate on staying awake, okay? Don't sleep."
  • "Oh my god... Don't give up! You can't give up!"
  • "You can make it through this. I know you can. Y-you have to..."
  • "Where did they shoot you!? Where did they sh-- Oh... Oh, god... Oh please no..."
  • "The doctor explained everything to me... I... I can't just let you go like this. I need you."
  • "Oh, god. Please be alive. Please still be alive."
  • "There's nothing they can do. I-- I'm so sorry."
  • "No. They're wrong. They're wrong, okay? You're not gonna die."
  • "Please, fight this. You have to fight it. You have to live."
  • "Don't die... Don't die on me. Please..."
  • "Listen to my voice, okay? I need you to stay with me. I'm bringing you to the hospital."
  • "I wish I could tell you everything was going to be fine..."
  • "Come on, now. You've lived through worse than this. Just... Just live through this too."
  • "I'm so sorry I let this happen to you."


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setting: high school detention 


        “So what’d you get stuck in here for?”

"Cheating.  You?"